Normal, standard, routine, these are the words many associate with “comfort.” And we can’t deny that every human fiber within us desires to be comfortable, to be safe. But sometimes comfortable becomes stale like a piece of chewing gum after the first twenty chomps.

We didn’t want to be petrified, fixed in a state of contentment and mindless of the possibilities change has to offer. Change, a word that rings like liberty and simultaneously makes one tense their grip to the way things are. Panel-Brite was thriving just as it stood, but we refused to be comfortable. We refused to simply just be but chose to be something, to be something better.

We changed our brand. Why? Pop Quiz.

a.) Why not?
b.) Because all the cool kids are doing it
c.) Because our brand visually communicates who we are, and if we change, our look changes too.

Here’s a hint. It’s answer (c).

We reworked our logo and overall branding to showcase our intentions of being a premium supplier of high brightness displays now and for years to come.

We also redesigned and simplified our website to help with user navigation. We’ve launched more products and a new tagline that lets consumers know we stand behind our products because they are “simply brilliant.” And we have added this blog and social media pages to get in touch with our consumers.

However, we didn’t change everything about us. We may have changed our communications and look, but we have never changed our values. Panel-Brite continues to strive for excellent service and integrity. We resume to care more about our customers as people rather than just a dollar sign, and every modification we made with you in mind.

We hope you see these positive changes. And if you have any suggestions please reach out, because we know we aren’t perfect. Not yet anyway.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
– Winston Churchill