Our Story

Panel-Brite was birthed out of necessity. After a job loss situation, our owner, Keith, combined his sales background and research of high brightness technology to create this company. He entered into this space of business without connections, but that didn’t deter him.

Hustle, boldness, honesty, and faith brought us to today. We learned to thrive in this business by work ethic and staying on top of the ingenuity of this high bright technology. We sought out the highest quality high brightness LCD technology to provide our customers with and found Litemax Electronics. We teamed with them and became their distributor in the United States.

Keith grounded this company with the idea that keeping promises and putting “people before profits” would help Panel-Brite to excel. And it has. Our customers are our friends, and we’ve maintained good relations with some of the biggest kiosk manufacturers here in the US since the beginning of our story.

Our Promise

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, because they aren’t just revenue, but real people, who deserve to be treated with care and respect. We won’t nickel and dime customers for a one-off prototype, because we don’t want to penalize people for being creative and inventive. Why punish what we stand for in our own company?

We are entrepreneurs. We are creators and inventors. And we are a small company dedicated to providing the customer with his or her needs, whether that be a physical product, or information and guidance during their research phase. We are a fountain of information and resources made available to you.

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