Color Saturation (Max RGB)

Max RGB Technology:

MAX RGB is a technology process used to increase the color saturation of content displayed on our LCD displays. Since this technology is proprietary, we will not investigate the “how” in this article but instead explore the “why” and showcase the benefit of this technology to the display’s end user.

To better understand the advantage of MAX RGB technology we first must acquire some understanding of color gamut.


Color Gamut

Color gamut is the entire range of colors available on a particular device such as an LCD monitor. This range of colors is a subset of all the colors available in the “visible spectrum,” or all the colors the human eye can identify. In other words, your eyes are cable of identifying more colors than an LCD panel can produce.

Visual Spectrum Color Gamut
MAX RGB Color Guide

Figure 1

Standard Measurements

In order to quantify the advantages of MAX RGB we also must have standardized scales of measurement for the sake of comparisons. The three most frequently cited standards of color gamut in relation to LCD displays are sRGB, Adobe RGB, and NTSC.

sRGB is the color standard most frequently used for personal computer monitors

Adobe RGB was defined by Adobe Systems, the maker of the well-known Creative Cloud products, and has a wider range of color saturation than sRGB. Adobe RGB has now become the de facto standard in professional imaging and a growing number of high-end LCD monitors designed to be used by imaging and design professionals now calibrate to this standard.

NTSC is the color gamut used by the National Television Standards Committee and has the broadest color saturation of all three standards.

So if we use NTSC as the “gold standard” of color gamut we can compare the other two standards against it along with our MAX RGB standard as displayed in Fig. 1.

So while sRGB can display 60%-72% of the color gamut of NTSC and the professional standard of Adobe RGB can display 72%-80% of the color gamut of NTSC, LCD displays enhanced with MAX RGB technology can display an impressive 94% to 97% of NTSC’s color gamut.

Immersive Technology

What does this mean to you or more importantly your customer? The color of the image they see on the display will be much more vivid. The colors literally “pop” from the display.

Additionally, when you combine the greater color saturation of MAX RGB with the higher resolutions of our new 4K displays you end up with a picture that is truly immersive.


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