How Digital Signage is Re-defining the Transportation Industry

Smart city initiatives have worked to revamp public spaces to create more friendly, informative, and efficient environments. With this goal in mind, the transportation sectors have been a main focus for digital signage because displays solved many of the transit industry’s shortcomings. Outdoor displays at transit centers such as bus stops, metro stations, and airports are being used to update travelers with real-time information. Commuters can view displays while they wait at stations and view departure and arrival times, service delays, weather updates, local news, and so much more. Visitors and public transit newcomers can be aided by wayfinding touch displays to help direct them to their destinations. In-vehicle displays are becoming more common and are a unique opportunity for advertisers to deliver their content through signage connected to external data feeds. The possibilities for this industry seem endless as we enter the age of AIoT.

Why Choose Panel-Brite?

MTBF 100,000 HRS

Lower power consumption and less heat creation means more run time with less maintenance

Resizing LCD

Stretched, square, and customized sizing on request, we can cut the perfect LCD for you

Daisy Chain

Broadcast real-time information over several monitors simultaneously with 100M long-distance video/ audio transmission via CAT5 cable


Vandal-proof from IK7 to IK10, with ability to withstand hostile environmental conditions


Water-proof from IP65 to IP68 to easily resist environmental factors like rain and dust

Wide Temperature

Guarantee high performance between the temperature range of -40°C (the lowest) and up to 80°C

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